The Winter Camp Future Society (WCFS) was formed in 1987 at Winter Camp XI. The goal of the Society is to promote the future of Winter Camp. The methods include time capsules, predictions, and funding a large activity every five years since Winter Camp XX.

In addition to providing souvenirs on the 5's and 0', the WCFS has funded patches and binders. It has also been given credit as the copyright holder for numerous Winter Camp related publications, including this website.

In the initial concept, the Society collected dues which were invested in a variety of ways with the idea that we would have more cash in the future. For the initial class, the Society had 9 years to grow this investment; after that, events were held 5 years after investment. In 2018, the Society decided to do away with collections altogether and just pass the hat when funds were needed.

The Society has always had two officers: a secretary and a treasurer. Both are elected for a period of ten years. The first secretary and treasurer were Jeff Rand and Roger Horn, respectively; after Winter Camp XX, Mark Bollman--> became the secretary and John Howey the treasurer. At Winter Camp XXX, Ethan Rein became the secretary and Ron Donohue the treasurer. Both were re-elected at Winter Camp XL.


The WCFS typically meets once per year at Winter Camp, typically after midnight. This has begun to change in recent years and video conferencing is becoming more common.


This site is the online headquarters for the WCFS. Here's the sorts of things you can find here:

Most years we have published the minutes of our meetings to this site; in a few cases, no minutes were taken or no meeting was held.
The eperating rules for the WCFS
Membership Lists
Dettails on joining the Society and on previous classes.
As part of our intent to foster future Winter Camps, there are a number of projects perpetuated by the Society