The Winter Camp Future Society operates a number of websites which are loosely part of the WCFS Network.

Fhe first site was on aol, but we gradually evolved to own our domain and hosting in 1997.

Ask Doctor Beast
Ask the Beast was a regular feature in the Winter Camp News almost from its inception; once Ron received a PhD, changing the title to Ask Doctor Beast seemed normal. The site became part of the network on July 24, 2002 and on October 16, 2002 a frustrated Steve added the domain to his library.

The site remains in production and, though seldom used, has a decent array of advice.

Bollmano's Pizza
Bollmano's joined the Winter Camp Network on December 10, 2004 and was basically live and finished on the 11th. It explains the origins and touts the virtues of Bollmano's Pizza.

Build the Course
This site was built after a presentation by the Properties Committee at Winter Camp. They asked the youth what sort of facilities they'd like to see after the reclamation work by the mining company was done. Corey Sanborn suggested a Cross-Country Golf Course and the site was born.

Jackpot Grits
Jackpot Grits is tne newest site in the network and it's goal is promote Jackpot Grits and grits in general.

One Part Words
One Part Words was the next member of the network. It remains dedicated to explaining the world in words of but one part. The domain was purchased on August 19, 2000 but didn't have content until March 2, 2001.
It continues to serve its original purpose but is not as active or well-maintained as it could be. One Part Words was the first site in the network to use a logo designed as a work for hire.

Rand Institute of Leadership
The Rand Institute of Leadership domain was purchased on November 29,2002 in the same transaction as The site had little more than a logo until January 7, 2005 when it roared to life. It focuses on leadership and is affiliated with the WCU. It was also the first site ever to formally claim to be part of the Winter Camp Network.

Ron Donohue Day
This site is a tribute to Ron Donohue Day as declared by the Lincoln Park, MI city council on March 31, 1980.

Universal Measurement System
December 2001 found Steve thinking about the Universal Measurement System and purchasing the domain UniversalMeasurement.Com. He waited too long though and someone snapped it up days before he looked. was purchased on March 7, 2002. It provides an explanation of the Universal Measurement System and calculators for converting common units.

Winter Camp Logo
Winter Camp Universe
The Winter Camp site began life on AOL and became its own domain on July 14, 1977. On November 20, 2001 we purchased and pointed it at the same address.

Winter Camp remains the largest site (excluding pictures) in the network and, despite having endured a few previous redesigns, may be the most in need of a design update.

It serves its purpose by providing an online reference for Winter Camp and the rest of the world. It is also helpful in planning Winter Camps events and activities by allowing discussion online. It helps to preserve the "community" of Winter Camp.

Winter camp University
Winter Camp University is unique among websites in the WC Network in that it has no official logo. It was purchased on November 29,2002 and basically launched in time for Winter Camp XXVII in 2003. It provides course information and program details for Winter Camp University.

Affiliated Sites

These sites aren't part of the Winter Camp Network, but are affiliated with our group and are hosted on the same server.

Migisi Opawgan Chapter
This is the current site of the chapter. It is under development.

Migisi Opawgan Lodge 162
This is the pre-merger site of Migisi Opawgan Lodge. It's still up today because it provides some services people still use including the Where to Go Camping guide and a pretty good Lenape dictionary.

Reserved Sites

For one reason or another, these sites don't exist yet, but someday they might. The domains are on hold but not hosted or set up (yet).

Cross-Country Golf
Someday, we'll have a site the promotes cross-country golf not only at D-bar-A Scout ranch but as a general Scouting activity.

Winter Camp Museum
I dream of an online museum where people can create resources and then combine them to form themed exhibits.