WCFS Projects: Basic Trivia Test

Now, for your convenience, you can take the Basic Trivia test on-line, almost certainly killing two requirements with one stone.

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1. In what year was Winter Camp I held?

2. What activity is the only one to be held at every Winter Camp?

3. What was the model name of the first computer to appear at Winter Camp?

4. The official Rand Stew Stirrer resembles which common camp object?

5. What is the two-word Winter Camp motto which appears on the official logo?

6. Which Winter Camp game starts at the Beaver Creek Skills building and ends at the Ordeal site?

7. What subatomic particle is the basis of the Universal Measurement system?

8. Where are Winter Camp time capsules buried?

9. What is the title of Winter Camp's first novel?

10. In what year was the Winter Camp Web site launched?

11. How many dishes were served at Winter Camp's largest meal?

12. How many Winter Camps have been held in Beaver Creek subcamp?

13. How are leaders traditionally chosen for Winter Camp?

14. What staple of many Scout menus hasn't been served since Winter Camp I?

15. How far ahead are clocks moved to implement Winter Camp Savings Time?