WCFS Projects: Future Olympics XXV

In the fourth edition of the Winter Camp Future Olympics, held on Day Four, it was revealed that the last five years have not been good ones, physical fitness-wise, for some Winter Camp veterans. Seven Arrowmen challenged their 1996 selves in five events, and when the numbers were crunched and adjusted for the lack of a 60-yard dash this year, four of the seven saw their scores (computed against the Winter Camp record book) fall.

Name1996 Score (5 events)2001 Score
Mark Bollman251147
Roger Horn318341
John Howey448413
Mark Hunt393314
Adam Pezet329268
Lou Pezet248293
Jeff Rand174194

Preparations are already under way for the fifth WCFO, to be held at the end of 2006 during Winter Camp XXX. Everyone who participated this year now has a score to beat:

Jacob Young13
Derek Tamsen52
Adam Pezet268
Zach Polifroni351
Sean Gray151
Ryan Brake123
Rob Klabis152
Brad Alderman61
Keith King83
Mike Hodnicki98
John Semetko702
Chris Wilson103
Jeff Rand194
Roger Horn341
Mark Hunt314
John Howey413
Steve Clark221
Lou Pezet293
Rob Hartwig244
Sam Stocker263
Andy Whaley326
Ethan Rein334
Ron Donohue102
Paul Kupser175
Mark Bollman147

No individual awards are made at the WCFO, since the point of the event is to challenge your own performance from year to year. However, a collection of noteworthy performances this year was turned in by Jon Semetko, who broke WCFO records in four events: long jump, vertical leap, 30-second push-ups, and 30-second sit-ups. Jon's overall total of 702 points outstrips Roger Horn's 605-point performance at Winter Camp XIV even with one event missing.