WCFS Projects: Time Capsules

The WCFS buried it's first time capsule in 1987. That capsule was dug up a scant year later. Since then, we've buried at least one time capsule every year.

Beginning in 1995, we buried a five-year capsule and a one year capsule. In 2000, when we finally caught up, we returned to burying only the five-year capsule.

At Winter Camp XII in 1988, we buried our first ten-year capsule which we retrieved in 1998. We buried a second ten-year capsule that same year.

Our long-term goal is to produce a thousand-year capsule which, ideally, will survive the millenia unscathed, signal its presence, and cause our Winter Camp M prediction to come true.


Our capsules have thus far been made of pvc pipe and have been sealed with standard end-caps. We have had a few mishaps in digging them out of the ground (December in Michigan may not be the best time for digging), but the capsules have never suffered any damage during their time inside.

In fact, with the sole exception of the capsule opened at Winter Camp XVIII, when the capsule included a small sample of vomit which was able to eat through several layers of protection, we haven't had any damage to the capsules. We've pulled baked goods, candy bars, soda, and even popcorn out of them and been able to consume it (albeit in small quantities) with no ill-effects.